Tips to take care of your sneakers

Few such special sensations feel like when you release shoes. That moment to open the box, remove the papers that surround your new sneakers and feel that aroma that indicates that a beautiful story is about to begin.

Therefore, and for this relationship to last as long as possible, we are going to leave you tips to take care of your new shoes. Obviously, each shoe is a world, so we recommend that you use this series as a guide.

The first thing you should, practically after taking your new sneakers out of the box, is to apply a protector that acts as a repellent. From Sportown we recommend the Sof Pro Water Proofer, one of the signature products of the firm, which serves to keep water, in case of rain, and dirt at bay.
After each use, let the shoes air. Place them in a place where there is fresh air but the sun does not directly affect them, since the color can disappear and the soles can turn yellowish.
Despite the protector that we recommend in the first point, the usual use of footwear can cause spots to appear. It is normal. That is why he tries to eliminate them as they let themselves be seen. How? Sof Sole also responds to this with its Instant Cleaner. Apply the foam and then rub with your brush. And always keep your shoes shiny.
Storage can also affect maintenance. Do you keep them on a shelf? In a drawer? In its original box? Never put your shoes in the washing machine. Why? For starters, because even if they first come out clean, the materials may already be somewhat damaged.
Do not forget that what this machine does is spin the products inside the drum. Would you rub one of your shoes against another? Sure not. Well, neither does the goals in the washing machine.
Have you thought about having several shoelaces? Yes, value it. Although you can put them in the washing machine - these yes -, having several cords allows you to draw a different picture every time you change them. If you keep them well, it will be like brand new shoes!